Sunday, 9 July 2017

6mm Skaven / Vermin!

Rats are a passion project of mine, no matter what game system. I've been a huge fan of anything vermin since I first picked up a copy of Ian Millars graphic novel of James Herberts 'The City'. I have Rat armies for almost ever game or setting I have gotten into. I have Skaven for warhammer/Age of Sigmar, I have my skaven inspired Skitarii (or Squeaktarii lol) force for 40k. I have my not yet complete project of Space Skaven for Epic 40k (Which shares many models with the fantasy vermin too!). I have tons and tons of rats for 6mm fantasy, I just have to get around to painting them!

I had a lot of old photos of them, but sadly, they were not particularly well done. I find them very hard to photograph- with out being blobs of brown. I've saved what I could from photobucket, but many are corrupted when I try to re-download them, but with the sun out today, I took it as a chance to grab a couple of new shots of all my rats, as not many good pictures exist online, especially of the irregular rats.

6mm Fantasy Skaven Warlock
Skaven Warlock. The weapon, backpack and pipes are all self sculpted, the main body of the rat is from Irregular.

6mm Fantasy Skaven Horde

Horde of Skaven with hand weapons. Zooming in you can see the command, the musician is playing a saxophone! Mix of minis all from Irregular again. They are actually sat in a movement tray! Their base can be split down in to 4 normal sized bases. I did this to use them as a Horde in Kings of War ruleset, but so they could be split down in to troops or regiments. The movement tray was just for fun, but I thought it looked good so I finished it along with their basing!

2 Rat Ogres with flamers/Giant Mutant Rats. I use this in both my Epic 40k and Fantasy armies. Minis are from Pendraken. 10mm scale, but I think they work magnificently,  just the right scale to be heavy mutant vermin! 

6mm Fantasy Skaven

Rat Ogre/VerminLord. Another of Pendrakens 10mm offerings. The book is a little oversized, as it is another 10mm, but I had brought a whole bunch to use as giant mutants, and this little chap was the only one with something that gave away the scale, but I couldn't bring myself not to paint him and use him anyway!

6mm Fantasy Skaven Rat Swarm
Mutant Rat Swarm. Pendraken again. They look a little big on there own, but when next to 'true' 6mm rat swarms, they look fine and blend in well. 

6mm Fantasy Skaven rat Swarm
Rat swarms. These are 6mm rat swarms from Irregular. Since painting them up I have brought some of the individual dungeon rats from Perfect Six to fill in space towards the edges, as these stands are a lot shorter than the normal base length. 

6mm Fantasy Skaven

6mm Fantasy Skaven
Skaven slave wagon (Chariot) From Irregular. Details are a little soft on this one, especially on the humans pulling the carriage, it took a bit of abstract painting to give them all arms and legs. If I had noticed it before I had started painting, I would have replaced the banner as well. The pole is very flimsy, and one small knock and it bent in half and nearly snapped in two. 

6mm Fantasy Skaven Doomwheel

6mm Fantasy Skaven Doomwheel

6mm Fantasy Skaven Doomwheel
Skaven Doomwheel. Almost completely scratch built, aside from the giant rat and the gun. I used this mini for again both for fantasy and for Epic 40k. I'm tempted to go back and add a couple of runes to the sides, as there is a couple of flat surfaces that make it a look a little plain. I love the model though- its hell to get the wheel to glue though. I've made a couple of plastic templates to drill all the holes in it though, as there are about 30 holes that need drilling in each one! 

6mm Fantasy Skaven Cannon
Exploded warp lightning cannon token. I made a bunch of warp lighting cannons, and had this one left over, but the bead was broken, so I decided to just finish it as an exploded cannon token. I'm a big of adding 'battle damage' tokens in games. I will probably go back to add some painted burns and soot marks, but I painted it with some other bits, and it was left at the same stage as the unit I was painting.  

6mm Fantasy Skaven Warpstone
Warpstone Field terrain. I like the idea that warpstone is more like a fungus, and will spread and grow where it lands, rather than it being just a rare rock. I like the idea of Rat slaves having to go out and farm/mine it, whilst being exposed to its hideous poisoning.

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