Epic 40k: Foam core trenches and scratch built bunkers

I wanted to have a go at building some scratch built terrain in a similar style to the old GW studio terrain from the Epic space marine era.

Had a crack at the trench walls from the 2nd Ed expansion book: White Dwarf presents Space Marine Battles. The bunker was made from some plastic sweet pots I'd been saving up. I made a humongous pot of texture paint for terrain, so I can make a ton more similar items in the future.

It was a bit unusual for me to add grass, so I'm not totally happy with the 'random' patterns I went for, I've gotten far to use to painting urban basing and mud, a fault of paying too much attention to the modern hobby style. But I'm pretty pleased with the shade of bright green grass I've been able to mix. I tried to go for as close to the bright tone of the studio green of the early 90s, but with out looking too neon against my more modern style basing. I think mixing in the darker green turf flock took just enough of the neon glow off!

The bunker could have done with having more details added, especially the door. I've done some really detailed doors on some unpainted ork buildings I've been making but I just couldn't find anything to do with these to make them more interesting with out over complicating them. I might go back and add some hazard stripes to them, as they could still do with a touch more colour.

The ork terrain was an older piece, a mekboy workshop. I gave the paint job a bit of a spruce up and added a couple of additional details.


I'm now waiting on a ton of new miniatures and terrain parts to be delivered, then I have some serious projects to be be getting stuck into!