Now with 100% more Small Scale Gothic Sci-Fi!

So I've not posted anything for well over a year. 2018 was a busy year for me- a very hectic year for school, I'm travelling 4+ hours a day. Spent most of the year working on larger scale stuff. 2019 has seen me return to the huge pile of 6mm fantasy lead that's been piling up around me. I've also decided to break the pile of Epic 40k models, espcailly since I now have a good storage system for them set up! I did spend the summer working on my fantasy rule set, which I wrote a couple of articles on, but I'm just not pleased with their quality, and so remain unpublished. I may return to them in the future.

With already running a larger scale wargaming blog, I couldn't devote more time to keeping a separate 6mm sci-fantasy blog. So I've decided to consolidate both fantasy and sci-fi to this one blog, allowing to include my work on epic (which IMO is pretty much closer to sci-fantasy then sci-fi, than other games/ranges and there is a lot of cross over with the two ranges anyway!)

This will allow me to share my epic work (something I don't do much on facebook anymore for several reasons) and still have the time to keep all my separate blogs updated. I choose this one over moving fantasy over to one of my other blogs as the traffic to this one, why only small, is good for the scale as there are not many dedicated 6mm fantasy pages out there. The cross over between the ranges should help keep this blog receiving updates far more regularly then it has done over the last year! (and I can always remove/transfer the epic 40k pages if they ever become an issue!)

I have been working on a fair bit of 6mm fantasy though. We are planning to play some classic warhammer fantasy games with the armies, fighting through some of the classic wars fought during the old worlds history. I'll be adding a lot of posts in the future with the WIP of this rather large project. (This is also the good excuse I've been needing to do another huge microworld order!)

Given these changes, I've given this blog a huge makeover. I've added some pages for 6mm sci-fi and Epic 40k and I'll be adding even more pages in the future. I'll also be adding a range of pages for fantasy, hopefully with a lot of new (and much better quality!) photos of all the 6mm fantasy I own.

I've removed some of the redundant links from the navigation bar, though some of the old blog posts may still link to old articles and tutorials, I've begun removing the worst of them, with the intention of posting new versions in the future (Ones of much higher quality then the first tutorials I did)