Epic 40k terrain

I knocked this up as a quick test piece to see if this idea was viable for epic scale terrain! I wanted to do some oldhammer, 2nd edition style terrain bits and thought the 40k cacti was the perfect, odd ball alien terrain to try out!

I'm pretty pleased to how it turned out, I can definitely see me making a whole table in this style! There are a couple of issues with this piece that I can do work arounds when I make more. The flock on the main body of the plant has dried a lot darker then it was when I put it on- It might lighten back up once it's fully set over night, but I think this is down to using isopropanol to help the glue soak in, and some of the spikes have gone in at odd angles. Both things will be easy to correct later on!

Sadly my camera doens't seem to photograph red well (which as someone that likes painting oldhammer from time to time, has been a real problem!) But there is about four tones of red on the spikes- it looks much nicer in real life (Imo!) The flock doens't look so patchy to the naked eye either!

A lot of fun and a very different style of terrain to my usual grey, bombed out urban terrain!

Epic 40k Cactus terrain!
My Feral Ork Boar boys love the new alien terrain!
Orks are a mix of perfect six and games workshop models.
What I absolute love is that they fit in with both my regular trees but also these winter style trees bases I made with the same style basing. I love Grey/winter/urban themed terrain the most, but I've wanted to be able to add more of a classic brown/natural looking terrain, but find it hard to blend the two styles together and as I don't want to make terrain I can't really use on my table (even if it does rarely happen!) I've tended to stick to grey and winter. This will allow me to have different areas of terrain style all on the same table, which will really add to the size of our campaigns! Now my feral orks feel much more at home, then on the cold, snowy city-scape they are used too!


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