Saturday, 8 July 2017

Wood Elves

6mm Fantasy Wood Elves

6mm Fantasy Wood Elves

6mm Fantasy Wood Elves
Wood elf Spearmen and Bowmen from the microworld wood elf range.

The Chubby Tree Ents are from irregular, The skinny Tree Ent is from the microworld range.

The Pegasus is from Irregular, as is the Wood elf on horse- He came as a leader figure as part of the lesser goblin army deal. I think he is one of their not-nazguls on horseback, but not 100% on which code he is. Green paint was the only conversion he needed to become a wood elf hero instead!

Chubby Tree Ent from irregular again. The Giant Eagle is a 10mm wood elf eagle rider code from Pendraken miniatures. Their 10mm range has a lot of useful codes that work well for 6mm fantasy & Epic 40k. I use a lot of odds and ends from them, especially for monsters and mutants. The base 'crew' is from Microworld, a spare Spearman and a wizard from out the character pack. Thats 2mm brass rod, buried in to green stuff and cork tile. The eagle is a great sculpt, but its damn heavy, the flimsy metal stand its supplied with it looks great- it has rocks carved in to it, but it wouldn't hold an ant steady!

The Microworld wood elves are some of the best miniatures I have ever painted- the sculpts are fantastic, they almost paint themselves! Its hard to see from the regular sized photo, but the full sized version, you can see wear I was able to paint on the embroidery on the inside of the commanders cloak! I've never viewed myself as a fantastic painter, but these came out brilliantly, a testament to the quality of the sculpts more than my painting ability!

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