Sunday, 9 July 2017

Goblins III

More reinforcements for my goblins!

6mm Fantasy Goblins
On the left is another stand of baccus goblins with swords. The other is a large base of Irregular goblins with bows. They are not great, they have very little detail, especially on the head. However, at the time of purchase, they were the ONLY goblins with bows available in this scale. I think I managed to do a good job with them, even with the lack of sculpted detail. a couple of additional brush strokes were able to help create an illusion of details that were missing, like the face. Still fun to paint and work with though.

6mm Fantasy Goblins
Goblin bolt thrower. Made from using a baccus Roman thrower, and mixing in various baccus goblins as crew. The wolf rider with additional bolt is just a piece of brass rod, filed down at the sides and the tip painted grey (like my spears) as too not have a sharp rod to cause injury!

6mm Fantasy Goblins
Baccus hero goblin in full armour, with axe and shield. The snotling is another irregular lesser goblin, cut away from his stand. The mushroom I sculpted myself.

6mm Fantasy Goblins Trolls

TROLLS! These are some of my favourite miniatures! They are from Perfect Six Orc range
and they are wonderful to work with!  Cleanly cast, and really well detailed! I was able to paint tiny little eye balls they are that good! Very reminiscent of the 'oldhammer' style, or even the trolls from the Berserk manga, I'd be very tempted to paint a whole army of them, just as an excuse to paint more! Brilliant value as well, and being able to buy them as packs or individuals is a god send! Something that often lets larger companies down, like baccus, as sometimes, even at this epic scale, I dont always need 96 of the same troop!

6mm Fantasy Goblins
A shot of everything painted for the goblins to date. Missing the grass on a few bases, as I like to do a large bunch all at once, as it cuts down on needing to clean static grass up!

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