Saturday, 8 July 2017

Goblins II

More Goblins!

6mm Fantasy Goblins
Goblin shaman. The goblin is from the baccus goblin character pack. The two snotlings are from Irregulars lesser goblins range. They were removed from their strip of 5, and cut down to individual models. Standing at only about 2mm tall, they are tiny models!

6mm Fantasy Goblins

6mm Fantasy Goblins
Another stand of baccus Goblins. The banner was replaced with brass rod, as the original pole was to thin and easy to bend, then with paper flags attached. The herder base had their weapons removed, and shoving sticks added by again replacing everything with brass rod. I dont shape the end of the brass, rather I paint on the tip in grey paint. This is to avoid having brass rod go through my hand when I inevitable put my hand down on it at some point!

The war boars are from Irregular. Nice models, though their stand needed to be sanded down a fair bit, as otherwise its quite the solid piece of metal! two stands worth was enough with the herders, but you would probably need three stands to fill a base solidly with boars as they are lot smaller than the baccus models.

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