Saturday, 8 July 2017

Chaos Dwarfs

My chaos dwarfs are a mix of random minis I have gotten in trades or to make up numbers in small orders. No 'true' chaos dwarf (at least in the games workshop/warhammer sense of big hats, tusks, spikes, mechanical beasts and fireballs!) army exists in 6mm yet- the closest is irregulars 'Dark Dwarf' range. They are excellent, some of my favourite models from irregular,  but they a visually not much different from 'regular' dwarfs.

I'm not much fused about the big hats- so at this scale any dwarf is a chaos dwarf! Though I still hope to see some sculpts for true dark dwarves to one day to be done!

I'm quite happy to create what I can from various ranges though, that's the great thing about 6mm. Most models are just a paint job away from being an entirely different race!

 My test stand for the chaos dwarfs. The stand at the back is from the dark dwarf army pack from irregular . I love the minis in this range, however, some of them do require a little more clean up tha normal. There is quite a lot of flash in between the dwarves, mostly connecting the shoulders and heads. This isn't too bad on most of the range, easily removed, however it is a big problem with the halberdiers, with most of the pole shafts completely connected by flash.  They will need removing and replacing with brass rod completely. I do this quite often with shaft weaponry though, so to me its not a big deal, and will be getting a lot more of these in the future!

The command models are three minis from the microworld range. Absolutely stunning sculpts, though they are a little smaller and less bulky that the irregular counterparts, its only really noticeable if you stare hard at them dead on!

 I added a unit of golems, again from microworlds range- this time from their firmament range. The sorcerer is was from the irregular army pack.
The statue was original from my Epic 40k terrain, but I thought it suited the chaos dwarves just as well! The base and marble is just plasticard, the pillar is just two now-defunct warhmmer fantasy square bases and the statue is from an old 'battlemasters' set, which was a board game that MB games put out back in the early 90s, which citadel designed the models for.

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