Fantasy: Links & Resources

A list of links to providers of 6mm fantasy and blogs of interest.

If you supply 6mm miniatures or terrain, or related items and would like to be listed here, or if you own a blog and would like to be listed then please get in touch. Alternately if you do not own a blog and would like your miniatures or terrain showcased then feel free to get also get in touch.

6mm fantasy miniatures: 

Perfect Six Miniatures and Scenics : Supplier of 6mm fantasy, historics and scenic items. Based in UK

Microworld Games : Supplier of large 6mm fantasy range, sci-fi & dystopian future. US stockist for dark realms (sci-fi). Based In US.
*Update 2019* Dark realms seems to be in limbo.

Irregular Miniatures : huge range of 6mm fantasy, modern, sci-fi & historicals. Large selection of terrain items, and larger scale items of use. No shopping cart ordering, order through email. Based in UK.
*Update 2019* Now offers a cart and paypal shopping experience!

Baccus : Huge range of historicals, terrain and other 6mm items. Fantasy range of 4 different races, slightly larger than the other ranges. Based in the UK.

Rapier Miniatures: 6mm historical range with a selection of 6mm scale greek myth & monsters. 
*Update March 2020* Rapier seems to be no longer trading. Website in state of limbo for months and no updates.


Leven Miniatures: Supplier of resin buildings and terrain. Huge range of buildings for all periods, small fantasy range, but loads of suitable items in the historic ranges.

Rule Sets:

Lord & Lands: Main Page A fantastic rule set. With interchangeable Historic and Fantasy rule sets. Usable with any scale. 

Wartorn: Ruleset designed with the early lines of microworld games in mind. Not been updated in a long time.

A blog of war: Home of Lord and Lands, Pocketquest (now sadly OOP) and other minis/scales.

6mm Fantasy Facebook Group. A dedicated 6mm fantasy group on the book of faces.

6mm wargaming & Terrain  The biggest (and best!) 6mm wargaming and modelling group on facebook. Over 5000 members and entirely dedicated to 6mm.