Sci-Fi: Links & Resources

  A list of links to providers of 6mm Sci-Fi and blogs of interest:

Here is a list of suppliers to many 6mm or related Sci-fi miniatures & resources. Many of them are listed with grimdark, gothic sci-fantasy games in mind, as that is the main 6mm sci-fi game I am interested in, but other ranges and links will be provided where suitable.

If you supply 6mm miniatures or terrain, or related items and would like to be listed here, or if you own a blog and would like to be listed then please get in touch. Alternately if you do not own a blog and would like your miniatures or terrain showcased then feel free to get also get in touch.

6mm Sci-Fi Miniatures:

Vanguard Miniatures: Huge range of miniatures and terrain from their own lines, as well as the UK stockist of onslaught miniatures as well as gaming aids, terrain and other assorted items from other ranges. Best source for epic 40k bases: round and strip. UK Based.

Onslaught Miniatures: Fantastic alternatives for a huge range of armies for Epic. Really nice range of vehicles. Based in the US. Available from vanguard for those in the UK.

Perfect Six Miniatures and Scenics : Brilliant range of fantasy orcs for Feral Orks. Jerry cans, oil drums and ammo crates are fantastic. His steam tanks are also brilliant, perfect for Feral ork wagons. UK based.

Microworld Games : Supplier of large 6mm fantasy range, sci-fi & dystopian future. US stockist for dark realms (sci-fi). Based In US. Brilliant range for daemons, beastmen and space vermin. Fantastic quality.

*Update 2019* Dark realms seems to be in limbo, no sign of it returning anytime soon.

Irregular Miniatures: Some sci-fi and modern minis suitable for Epic 40k. Some 'Not-star wars' characters. Huge range of historics & fantasy, though most come as strip bases. I use a fair bit of their stuff, including their fantasy Ratmen for my Epic armies. UK based.

*Update 2019* Now offers a cart and paypal shopping experience!

Trolls Under the Bridge: Has some really nice stuff for space robots, Trench & Jungle fighters. EU based.

Baccus : Sold off its sci-fi range, the new owners haven't really done anything with the range so far. Seems to be dead as off March 2021.

Steel Crown Miniatures:  A once fantastic range of miniatures, suitable for use with Epic 40k. Sadly sold off to a company that has pretty much squandered the range and have been dreadful to deal with- from rarely keeping things in stock to overcharging for postage. This range is all but dead.

Bradley miniatures:  Has a small range of 6mm sci-fi stuff. Personally I'm unfamiliar with their items, but they are mentioned every-time someone asks where to buy miniatures from, so I've added them to the list. Based in the UK.

CinC: Fantastic range of 6mm SciFi, including some civilians & character types. Some really nice alternatives to the GrimDark stylings of the other companies. US based. Has been a little On/off with the sales in the past few years, due to the owners personal circumstances, unsure how much longer the range will be available. Has some stockists in other companies, have brought from the UK one myself but took months to get anything due to the delays in restocks from the US so not advised, better to order direct if you can.


Leven Miniatures: Supplier of resin buildings and terrain. Some modern and historic items might be of use for imperial cities. Desert buildings usable for Ork settlements. UK based.

Rule Sets:

Epic 40,000: 3rd Edition of the rules and my preferred rule set. One of the best games games workshop have ever put out and the very best version of Epic there is. Released well ahead of its time and the boxset was one of the best value sets they ever put out. The rules are so good, it hasn't even needed a fan made remake! Apart from a couple of fan made army lists, which add in the handful of missing armies, we've had over 20 years with the same rules as from release!

It's so good, it doesn't even need a world championship tournament scene to prove it! ;)

Epic Armageddon: The last edition of the epic warhammer 40k rules that games workshop released, before they pulled the plug on specialist games. It was put out as a downloadable rule set, so the rules are out there online. One official expansion was released: Swordwind. There are a few unofficial fan made campaign/supplements, which add more races to the game. .

Epic 40k Archive:

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